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Eagles Wings Zipline, Perry County Indiana

Eagles Wings Zipline

Eagles Wings Zipline is a world class zip line tour located in Perry County Indiana. Set among glacier cut cliffs, the tour consists of 8 lines (the longest over 1,100 feet) and over 3,500 feet of total adrenaline filled experience. We pride ourselves on our rich history and incredible landscape.

16,000 years ago glaciers cut through the foothills of southern Indiana – creating the incredible landscape Eagle’s Wings Zipline showcases. You will be amazed and dazzled by the beautiful scenery during your canopy adventure. Join us today and you will have the opportunity to view the breathtaking cliffs, lake, and landscape from an Eagle’s view!

Our goal is to help you explore and learn about an area rich in culture and history. First inhabited by Native Americans (after the dinosaurs and cavemen of course) – the property tells a story at every turn. The tour guides will help you or your entire group feel a personal connection with the land and the rich history surrounding it!

Reach speeds in excess of 40 mph while soaring over 75 ft off the ground on lines reaching over 1100 feet long! Zip lining provides an experience unlike anything you’ve ever done before and Eagles Wings is one of the best in the country. Eagles Wings is a World Class tour with an incredible layout. Our safe 1/2″ steel lines span cliffs, lakes, creeks, and much more!


Our current hours listed are incorrect. Please follow us on Facebook in order to view our up to date hours and special deals, or give us a call at 855-947-8474! We appreciate everyone’s patience and we apologize for any inconveniences. Have a great day and we hope to hear from everyone soon!