Zipline Tours

*Time is figured for groups of 12 people. Tour may take longer or shorter depending on the amount of individuals.  All tour times are on Central Time.

Before booking a reservation, please visit the Safety Page in order to make sure all participants are eligible for zipping.

Our current hours listed are incorrect. Please follow us on Facebook in order to view our up to date hours and special deals, or give us a call at 855-947-8474! We appreciate everyone’s patience and we apologize for any inconveniences. Have a great day and we hope to hear from everyone soon!


Our first line is a quick and easy 60+ feet long that will get you started. At this point you have been strapped in to your harness and given your safety training class and you are looking at the first line. This line will give you the feeling of being suspended in your harness, the sensation of traveling in mid-air and landing on our platform landing ramps. This line will build your confidence and understanding of how to maneuver and help you gain faith to enjoy your journey. You exit down a suspended spiral staircase. You are pumped up and ready for the trip now!!!


We named this line for it is the first taste of freedom on your long journey. After a short hike up to the Exodus, you will climb up 16’ to the take-off platform. This is a 250’+ run that takes you through the Old Growth canopy and under our 3rd line to a wide landing strip. Your landing is guided in safely with our auto catch brake system that gives you a soft 2 point landing on our one and only striped belly platform. Now this is really Cool!!

Ohhh My God!!!

“Ohhh My God!!!” rightfully named for its grand tour through the heights of the canopy. The take-off platform is 32’ above ground. Getting to this platform requires walking the Sky Bridge named “Hail Mary”. This sky bridge spans almost 100’ from ground to the platform. It is a suspension bridge that is structured by cable. This zip is flying over 1100’ through the high canopy of dense forest, busting out over the lake, rapidly approaching a cliff area, and then soaring up onto its landing pad. Again safely captured by the auto-catch braking system. This ride will not let you go, so unbelievable, not knowing what to expect until wham!!?! And then Whoa!!!!!!!!!!

Leap of Faith

You have just climbed the “Stairway to Heaven”, a twisting 40’ tower of steps and are being tethered to the tree which, looking down at the lake, is some 80’ below you. Do I dare go to the edge to get a better glimpse? This line is almost 300’ in length and benches on top of the cliff area. The white oak trees that support this line are 100+ years in age and reach the sky. This is the beginning of our total canopy experience. Stepping off this one will take a “Leap of Faith”.

Promise Land

Finally you realize that you have survived the Leap of Faith and you are finding your comfort zone. Your wings are beginning to sprout and unafraid to fly. You are about to journey the 3rd longest ride, 575’, which goes back over the most scenic area of the park. Over the eastern half of the lake, beautiful cliff areas, water fall and up into the tallest platform of the tour. The view will give you an experience you can only dream of. What a view!!

Garden of Eden

You’re getting closer to Earth now and you see the beauty and detail of God’s creation. Completely covered by canopy you look out and see the open lake, beech, oak and hickories that dominate the forest which consumes the sky. Animals of all sorts running and playing in their habitat while you are suspended at the 50’ level above the lake. This is a short 200’ ride to what appears to be, a platform which is holding a suspended stairway. How can this be, Do they expect me to climb this moving staircase? It is a 10’ climb up “Jacob’s Ladder” to the next takeoff platform which is called Eagles Nest.

Eagles Nest

This line represents the 2nd longest line of the tour, 600’. Jetting through the trees and over the longest stretch of water. The receiving platform is benched in the cliff overlooking and viewing the whole lake area. Looking over the dam, the Visitors Center is in view and the last line is coming up. What a trip and still pumped up for more.


The grand finale has come. This line of 325’ will take you across the lake, into the shelter house, to one of our picturesque areas. We encourage you to bring your cameras for group or individual shots at this location. From here it is a short walk back to the Welcome Center where you can pick up any items of memorabilia, drinks, snacks, or check in for another grand tour.